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systems and technologies of information and communication

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26/11/2016: The second place in the innovation emission Star Of Science for researcher BOUROUIS Abderahime member of the lab STIC team SID. more   11/07/2016: the graduation ceremony for licensed and Master students of telecommunication's departement more   24/02/2016: A reception in honor of Mr. Mohamed FAHEM more   16/12/2015: Election of the new director of the laboratory more   05/2014: PhD thesis defense (LMD) of Mr. Merad Boudia Omar Rafik more 03/2014: The STIC laboratory organizes JSTIC'14 day Tuesday, March 18 ... read more 02/2014: PhD thesis defense of Melle Benmostefa Naima ... read more 01/2014: PhD thesis defense (LMD) of Mr. Bourouis Abofrrahim ... read more 01/2014: PhD thesis defense (LMD) of Mr. Bemmoussat Chems eddine ... read more 07/2013: The STIC laboratory organizes a national conference CNTIT'13 ... read more 05/2013: PhD thesis defense of mrs. Rahali Bouchra ... read more
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Catégorie voyageDescription of the laboratory

The "STIC" research laboratory develops research in promising fields such as:

- Associated Networks and Services "RSA"
- Information and Communication Systems "SIC"
- Technologies of Information and Communication "TIC"
- Intelligent Systems and Home Automation "SID"

The laboratory consists of :

1. The director of laboratory :
                                             Mr. LEHSAINI Mohamed

2. Laboratory council:

                                             Pr. FEHAM Mohammed

                                             Dr. LEHSAINI Mohamed

                                             Dr. KADRI Benamar

                                             Dr. MERZOUGUI Rachid

                                             Dr. KAMECHE Samir

                                             Dr. Mme LABRAOUI Nabila

5. In charge of IT equipment:
                                              Dr. MERAD BOUDIA Omar Rafik

6. Web Master:
                                              Dr. SLIMANI Hicham
7. Secretary:
                                             Mme Khelif MORSO Nouria

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Catégorie voyageLocation:

University of Tlemcen, Faculty of Technology, Chetouane pole.
research laboratories Area, 1st floor

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