Research Laboratory

systems and technologies of information and communication

Catrie voyageFormations


Master graduation formations managed at laboratory in:

- Telecommunication option Mobile Networks and Services (RMS).

- Master Components, Electronic Systems for Telecom (coset).

- Mobile Networks and Telecommunications Services (RMST).

- Distributed Networks and Systems (RSD).

- Technology of Telecommunication Systems (TST).

Open PDF file (CoSET) , (RMS), (RMST), (RSD), (TST).

Post Graduation

Formations managed for post graduation in :

- Magister systems and telecommunications networks (SRT).

- Graduate School of Science, Information Technologies and Telecommunications (STIT).

- LMD Doctoral formation in Telecommunications option SRT.

- Systems and Computer Networks of Telecommunications (SRIT).

Open PDF file (SRT) , (SRT_2016-2017) , (SRIT)