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systems and technologies of information and communication

Catégorie voyageLab Members

The STIC research laboratory is based on a young and dynamic researcher, composed of ranking teachers, PhD students and students registered in Magisters. It went from 24 researchers in 2008 to more than 64 researchers in 2015.

Since its inception, the STIC laboratory had the formation of 21 doctors, 09 HDR 10 Magisters and about 100 state Engineers and Masters.

- All teachers researchers associated with the STIC laboratory and working in other Algerian universities are enrolled in doctoral programs, resulting in a great attractivenessin of the laboratory because of the developed research themes.

Catégorie voyageResearch Teams


  • Team 1: AdHoc Networks(RAH)

    - Head of the team: LEHSAINI Mohamed


  • Team 2: Information and Communication Systems (SIC)

    - Head of the team: FEHAM Mohammed


  • Team 3: Associated Networks and Services (RSA)

    - Head of the team: MANA Mohamed


  • Team 4: Information Security and Networks (SIR)

    - Head of the team: KADRI Benmar


  • Team 5: Intelligent Systems and Home Automation (SID)

    - Head of the team: MERZOUGUI Rachid


  • Team 6: Information and Communication Technology (TIC)

    - Head of the team: KAMECHE Samir